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Blood of the Doomed - Dark Arts Oil
Blood of the Doomed - Dark Arts Oil

Blood of the Doomed - Dark Arts Oil

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Our Blood of the Doomed dressing and ritual oil is essential for any witch’s self-defence toolkit. This handcrafted power boosting oil has been brewing for 6 weeks as is the traditional manner in my family practice.

The oil contains a secret blend of herbs, minerals, roots & essential oils created by my Grandmother. Ingredients chosen have properties to assist in crossings, jinxes, hexes & command workings. Contains properties to carry out destruction, in-tranquility & justified karmic lessons toward your enemies & abusers. Unleash and give your wrath a power boost.

DARK ARTS GIFT PACK - 1 Black Skull Candle, Blood of the Doomed Oil, From Whence It Came Oil, Dream Work Oil and Counter Attack Dressing Powder also available.

NOT FOR CONSUMPTION. Use for dressing candles, poppets, ritual tools or add to spell bottles for that extra kick.

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