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Celestial Perfume Oils - 10ml Roller bottle
Amongst Sisters

Celestial Perfume Oils - 10ml Roller bottle

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🌟 Introducing our divine collection of perfume oils inspired by powerful goddesses! 🌟

🌺 Each 10ml roller bottle is crafted with care and reverence, blending luxurious oils to capture the essence of these iconic figures.

🐍 Medusa - Captivate with the mesmerising scent of Medusa, a daring blend of dark florals, earthy notes, and a hint of spice, this scent is a chameleon and changes with your body type and mood.

💖 Aphrodite - Embrace the goddess of love and beauty with this enchanting blend of powdery, fresh floral.

🌟 Inanna - Channel the divine energy of Inanna with this radiant blend of citrus, florals, and exotic spices.

🔥 Brigid - Ignite your inner fire with Brigid, an uplifting blend of bergamot, clary sage and heliotrope.

⚡️ Freyja - Feel the power of Freyja, a bold and captivating blend that embodies rich chocolate and zesty orange.

🌷 Persephone - Embrace the duality of Persephone with this enchanting blend of floral and fruity notes.

🌙 Lilith - Embody the dark and mysterious allure of Lilith with this bewitching blend of musk, spice, and amber earthy notes.

🌊 Melusine - Dive into the depths of the ocean with Melusine, a mystical blend that echoes the sea breeze and the secrets of the deep with coconut and lime.

🌙 Hekate - Embrace the enchanting essence of Hekate with this captivating sweet blend sugar, vanilla and pink pears.

🌸 Whether you're seeking to connect with your divine feminine energy or simply indulge in luxurious scents, our goddess-inspired perfume oils are the perfect choice.

✨ Elevate your senses and honour the goddess within with our exquisite collection. Order now and embrace your divine essence! ✨