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Enchanted Room Sprays
Amongst Sisters

Enchanted Room Sprays

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Our Enchanted Room Sprays collection, where each spray is meticulously crafted to transform your space into a realm of magic and positivity. Whether you seek tranquillity, happiness, or a cleansing of negativity, our room sprays are here to enchant your senses and uplift your spirits.

  • Witches Brew: Indulge in the mystical allure of our Witches Brew room spray, a bewitching blend of blackened amber and lavender. This enchanting scent is designed to create a calming space, perfect for relaxation and inner peace.

  • Witches Blessings: Experience the uplifting power of Witches Blessings, a citrusy blend crafted to bring happiness and joy into your surroundings. Let its vibrant aroma lift your spirits and fill your space with positive energy.

  • Witches Purge: Banish negativity with Witches Purge, a revitalising blend of eucalyptus and spearmint. This purifying scent is designed to cleanse your space of negative energies, leaving behind a fresh and invigorating atmosphere.

Each of our Enchanted Room Sprays is carefully formulated using high-quality essential oil ingredients to ensure a long-lasting and delightful fragrance experience. Elevate your space with the magic of our Enchanted Room Sprays and transform any room into a sanctuary of enchantment and positivity.

Not intended for use on body.