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Mourning Tapers - Midnight Requiem
Amongst Sisters

Mourning Tapers - Midnight Requiem

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💀🌹 Illuminate Elegance in Darkness: Introducing Mourning Tapers! 🌹💀

Embrace the solemn beauty of darkness with a pair of our new Mourning Tapers—unscented soy wax taper candles adorned with an intricate skull and a delicate rose motif.

🖤 Unveil Sublime Elegance: These unscented tapers, designed with exquisite attention to detail, add a touch of gothic sophistication to any space, casting a graceful shadow in their wake.

💀 Skull and Rose Adornments: Each taper candle is a masterpiece, featuring a captivating blend of a skull—a symbol of mortality—and a rose—a reminder of beauty amidst the inevitable passage of time.

✨ Ethereal Glow: Crafted from premium soy wax, these tapers burn steadily, radiating a serene, flickering light that gently illuminates while evoking a sense of reverence.

🌟 Perfect Decor Accent: Whether as a centerpiece or an accent for your home, these Mourning Tapers infuse your space with a distinctive blend of elegance and contemplation.

Enhance your decor with a touch of somber elegance and grace. Illuminate your surroundings with Mourning Tapers, where the fusion of life, mortality, and beauty dances in the ethereal glow. 💀🌹✨

Made from 100% soy wax, these candles will drip so make sure to protect your surfaces.