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Realistic Skull Candle
Realistic Skull Candle
Realistic Skull Candle
Realistic Skull Candle
Realistic Skull Candle
Amongst Sisters

Realistic Skull Candle

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🖤 Discover the Realistic Skull Candle - A Gothic Marvel 🖤

Embrace the dark allure of our Realistic Skull Candle, a unique masterpiece designed for lovers of gothic and macabre home decor. Perfect for ancestral work and matters of the mind, this candle stands as an exquisite addition to your altar or as a striking standalone decor piece.

🕯️ Key Features:

  • Height: 7cm, Length: 9cm
  • Unscented, natural soy wax
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • 12-18 hours of burn time
  • Handcrafted with care and precision

🪄 Elevate Your Rituals: This unscented soy wax candle, crafted with high-quality natural soy wax, lends an aura of authenticity to your practices. Ideal for witches engaged in ancestry work and mental pursuits, it's a beacon of intention that illuminates your path.

🌅 Lighting the Way: With a burn time of 12-18 hours, each candle stands as a testament to dedication. However, please remember to regularly trim the wick and place the candle on a non-flammable surface when lit to ensure safety.

🪴 Eco-Conscious Craftsmanship: Our commitment to quality extends to our eco-conscious approach, ensuring that every aspect of the candle is carefully considered.

🛍️ Made to Order: Please note that this product is made to order, so kindly allow up to a week for shipping to take place.

🔮 Disclaimer: DO NOT leave this candle burning unattended and always place on fireproof surface. Wax will pool and drip so protect your surfaces from damage. 

✨ Amongst Sisters - Where Magic Meets Craftsmanship ✨

Step into the realm of the Realistic Skull Candle and embrace the magic. Order yours today and unlock the mysteries it holds. 🪄🌌