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Black Salt - Witches Salt - Scottish Protection Blend

Black Salt - Witches Salt - Scottish Protection Blend

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Scottish Witches Black Salt

Black Salt is one of the finest and most flexible spell materials. Black Salt or Witch's Salt is a material that has been used for centuries in occult magic. The main purpose of black salt is to repel evil / negativity.

This black salt has been blended by hand with a unique proprietary and secret blend of Celtic Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Flowers, Herbs and the ashes of Juniper and Wild Sage and charged with our protection oil blessed.

Listing price is for one tube that contains approximately 35-40gms of Black Salt.

To Use : Simple sprinkle this salt on window sills, across doorways and other openings to seal your home from negative energies. You can even sprinkle around the boundary of your space for extra protection. This blend is also great for using in your spellwork.

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