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Witches Awakening Oil - Essential Oil Blend

Witches Awakening Oil - Essential Oil Blend

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An uplifting and awakening oil rich in Sweet Orange, Mandarin, Lavender, Rosemary and Cedarwood.

Our Awakening Oil has been created to help with spiritual grounding and purification. It cleanses your space, heals the present, purifies the spirit and removes blockages from your energetic body.

This amazing oil not only has an amazing citrus aroma but it also helps the user to reconnect or strengthen their spiritual self and brings you closer to your divine.

This oil is not only soothing and calming for the mind but can also be used to amplify your spellwork as well as offer clarity during shadow work.

Features: Hand blended Awakening Oil. Packed in various sizes; 10ml (roller bottle) and 60ml (please choose option from drop box). Made to order on request (this allows longer life time).
All oils are made strictly from 100% natural ingredients. All oils have already been diluted with suitable carrier oils, so its suitable for the skin (however, please always do a 24-48hr patch test before applying on skin or added to bath). Please discard after 6 months after purchase.

How to use:
* Aromatherapy
* Spa Oil
* Massage Oil
* Bath Oil
* Oil burner
* Spiritual
* Fragrance
* Meditation
* Anoint Candles / Body / Altar / Crystals

Application suggestions:
Use with intention; simply place 3/4 drops of oil on index finger and massage between eyes (where the 3rd eye is located) and on soles of feet and on your pulse points of your wrists. You can also burn in an oil burner to spread and help enhance the spiritual aroma.

Product Safety:
!Warning! Not suitable for children, Nor if pregnant/nursing, Keep away from eyes, NOT for internal use! !Caution! If suffering from any illness/sickness, high blood pressure or taking any medication, Please consult with your doctor/GP before use! !Precaution! If applying to skin for aromatherapy / massage, spa or bath, Please do a 24-48 hr allergy patch test to ensure NO allergic reaction occurs!

*Please Note* Use at own risk, as Amongst Sisters and Etsy Do Not accept any liability.

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Janaya Marino

Great product

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