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Escapism in Witchcraft - "Spiritual Wings"

Unveiling the Myth of Spiritual Wings

In the quest for personal growth and self-improvement through the path of Witchcraft, the metaphorical concept of "spiritual wings" often takes a back seat. The imagery of a set of wings paints a picture of individuals using spiritual practices, rituals, or beliefs as a means of escapism or avoidance, to lift themselves above emotional or psychological challenges rather than facing them head-on. In this blog, I want to delve into the nuances of this metaphor, unravelling the dangers inherent in relying solely on spiritual pursuits to evade the deeper, underlying issues that are crucial for authentic personal growth.

Defining Spiritual Wings

To understand the metaphor of "spiritual wings," it's essential to recognise the multifaceted nature of spirituality. Spiritual practices, rituals, and beliefs can provide comfort, guidance, and a sense of purpose to a lot of us. However, when these elements become a means of escape, they transform into wings that momentarily lift individuals away from their emotional or psychological challenges. This escape often involves immersing oneself in the transcendent aspects of spirituality while neglecting the gritty, transformative work needed for genuine personal growth.

The Illusion of Ascension

The allure of spiritual wings lies in the illusion of ascension – the idea that by engaging in spiritual practices, one can rise above the turmoil of emotions and psychological struggles. It's like momentarily soaring on ethereal currents, experiencing a sense of detachment from the earthly concerns that weigh heavily on their soul. This illusion, however, poses a significant risk as it perpetuates the myth that true personal growth involves only reaching for the heights, rather than navigating the depths of one's inner landscape. We tend to see spiritual wings on younger newer practitioners who from an everyday perspective are in their invincible era. 

Avoidance Versus Confrontation

The crux of the matter lies in the choice between avoidance and confrontation. Individuals caught in the allure of spiritual wings may find solace in momentary escapism, but the underlying issues persist. Confrontation, on the other hand, involves descending into the depths of one's emotional and psychological challenges, acknowledging them, and actively working towards a resolution, typically with a licensed professional. The danger of relying solely on spiritual pursuits becomes apparent when the ascent becomes a habitual pattern, preventing authentic self-confrontation and hindering the transformative journey within.

The Pitfalls of Escapism

While spiritual practices undoubtedly offer valuable tools for personal growth, relying solely on them as a form of escapism carries inherent pitfalls. The temporary relief experienced during spiritual activities can mask the persistent struggles waiting to resurface once the rituals conclude. Emotional storms, symbolised by the unexplored caverns of the mind, continue to brew beneath the surface, unaffected by the momentary flight of spiritual wings.

The Courageous Descent

True metamorphosis occurs not in the evasion of shadows but in the courageous descent into the labyrinth of self. Illuminating the subterranean passages requires a commitment to facing and addressing the root causes of emotional and psychological challenges. It necessitates a holistic approach that integrates both spiritual and psychological well-being. This descent demands courage, vulnerability, and a willingness to engage with the uncomfortable aspects of personal growth. And again, please if you are experiencing this, seek the assistance of a licensed professional who can guide you down this path.

The Role of Spiritual Practices

Acknowledging the potential pitfalls of spiritual escapism does not diminish the significance of spiritual practices in personal growth. Instead, it calls for a nuanced understanding of their role. Spiritual practices can serve as powerful tools for self-discovery, introspection, and inner transformation when employed in conjunction with a commitment to facing one's innermost struggles.

Balancing the Heights and Depths

The key lies in striking a balance between the heights and depths of personal growth. While spiritual pursuits can offer moments of transcendence and inspiration, they should not serve as a substitute for the deep, introspective work required for lasting transformation. Integrating spiritual practices into a holistic approach allows individuals to soar on their metaphorical wings while remaining firmly rooted in the reality of their emotional and psychological landscape.

So to sum it all up in two short paragraphs, in personal growth, the metaphor of spiritual wings serves as a cautionary tale. It warns against the allure of ascending too swiftly on the wings of spiritual practices, rituals, or beliefs, only to find that the roots of emotional storms persist beneath the surface. The danger lies in relying solely on these wings as a means of escapism, evading the essential confrontation with deeper, underlying issues.

To give you an example of what Spiritual Wings looks like within Witchtok in particulare, picture this scenario.

Imagine a person, let's call them Alex, who has been facing persistent anxiety due to unresolved childhood trauma. Rather than addressing the root cause, Alex decides to immerse themselves in an intensive spiritual practice, spending hours each day on meditation and rituals. They believe that by focusing solely on spiritual activities, they can transcend their anxiety and achieve a constant state of peace.

In this scenario, Alex may experience temporary relief during their spiritual practices, feeling a sense of tranquility. However, once the rituals are over, the underlying anxiety resurfaces. Despite engaging in spiritual activities regularly, they avoid seeking therapy or addressing the psychological aspects of their trauma. This reliance on spirituality becomes a form of spiritual bypassing, as Alex uses it as a means to escape or numb the emotional pain rather than confronting and working through the root psychological issues.

Its important to remember that spiritual practices, when woven into the fabric of a holistic approach, become invaluable tools for self-discovery and inner transformation. By navigating the delicate balance between the heights and depths, individuals can transcend the mythical trap of spiritual bypassing and embark on a genuine journey toward lasting personal growth and self-improvement.

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