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Final Full Moon of 2023 Is Coming!

As the final full moon of the year prepares to grace the night sky, it presents an opportune moment for introspection and liberation. With the impending closure of 2023, this celestial event serves as a potent catalyst for shedding what no longer serves our highest good.

The allure of the full moon, radiant and resplendent, beckons us to release the weight of the past year, to unburden ourselves from thoughts, habits, and energies that hinder our growth. As we stand on the threshold of a new chapter, harnessing the moon's ethereal energy becomes an invaluable tool for cleansing and renewal. It's in this sacred space, in the middle of the cosmic dance of celestial bodies, that we find ourselves drawn to rituals of release. The act of bidding farewell to the old—whether in the form of limiting beliefs, stagnant emotions, unfulfilling patterns or even people — it sets the stage for a transformational journey into the forthcoming year.

So here is one ritual you can do that doesnt require too much energy and is budget friendly.

Materials Needed:

  • Paper

  • Pen

  • Herbs or Offerings (dried herbs, flower petals, must be flammable and natural)

  • Cord or String

  • Bonfire or Cauldron Fire


  1. Setting Intentions: Take a quiet moment to reflect on your intentions. Write down your intentions and the things you wish to release on the paper, focusing on clarity and precision in your wording. Write one thing per piece of paper for clarity.

  2. Preparing the Offering: Once you have writte down what it is you wish to release, place the herbs or offerings in the centre of the paper where the intentions are written. These offerings can represent your desires and amplify the energy of your intentions. hold the paper and herbs between your palms, visualising the intention coming to fruition and giving thanks to the powers that be for their help in releasing.

  3. Folding and Binding: Fold the paper with the intentions and offerings inside. As you fold, continue to visualise and concentrate on your intentions getting sealed within the paper. Use the cord or string to bind the folded paper securely, symbolising the sealing of your intentions.

  4. Naming the "Bullet": As you finish binding the paper, consider giving it a name or a word that encapsulates your desires. This will serve as a focus point during the ritual. These could be as simple as one word like "Liberation", "truth" etc. 

  5. Preparing the Fire: Find a safe and suitable location for a fire. It could be a fireplace, fire pit, or any controlled area where you can safely burn the paper. but make sure it is contained as you will need all of the ashes at the end.

  6. Ritual of Release: Hold the bound paper (the "bullet") in your hands. Focus your energy and intentions on it, feeling the power and connection to your desires. Then, throw the "bullet" into the fire and ask that the universe hear your request and grant your wish. You could say something along the lines of ""As ember meets the cosmic expanse, I release my plea, entrusting its dance. Grant my hopes, let energies twirl, In this fire's embrace, manifest my world."

  7. Scattering the Ashes: Once the paper has burned and turned to ashes, collect the ashes. Travel to a location such as a cliff or bridge overlooking running water. Scatter the ashes into the wind, allowing the elements to carry your intentions away. You could say something like ""Ashes to wind, carry and fly, Release and renew under the sky. To earth and water, my dreams unfurled, Manifest in whispers, across the world." at this time. 

  8. Closing Thoughts: Take a moment to express gratitude or say a few words acknowledging the universe for helping manifest your intentions. Embrace a sense of trust and belief that your desires are now in motion.

Remember, this ritual is deeply personal, so feel free to adapt it to suit your own beliefs and practices. Always prioritise safety when working with fire and ensure you follow local regulations regarding fire and disposing of ashes. Remember to blow with the wind and with the flow of the river. 

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