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Quickie - Using Discernement on Witchtok

Let’s dive into an important talk about discernment within Witchtok. This lesson was a tough one for me, and if my experience can help even one person avoid the storms I've faced, then it’s a job well done. I’m sharing this because I'm witnessing others going through what I've personally endured, all at the hands of the same creators. It's time to address this.

So, what exactly is discernment? In the world of online witchcraft, it's about having a sharp eye for judgment and critical assessment. It means navigating through a flood of information, practices, and perspectives on digital platforms. This skill requires a keen sense, honed intuition, and a rational approach to sifting through content, practitioners, and teachings online. Discernment demands a blend of traditional wisdom, hard evidence, and an understanding of cultural context to distinguish real guidance from the misleading or harmful.

But it’s more than scepticism—it’s an open-minded exploration, a thirst for learning, and a respect for the diverse beliefs in our witchcraft community. Practitioners use discernment to wade through the abundance of offerings, knowing that spiritual paths are subjective and aiming to shield against misinformation, cultural misappropriation, and exploitation.

Essentially, discernment empowers us to make informed choices, nurturing a culture of responsible sharing, learning, and harmonious existence in our digital witchcraft realm. Now, I get it. I can feel the eye rolls from here but I am fully aware of the desire to be accepted by the popular crowd, it is strong, but if you’re dedicated to your path, I urge you to keep reading.

Discernment doesn’t stop at evaluating content; it extends to scrutinising the character and intentions of creators and influencers in these digital realms. It involves digging deeper, assessing their credibility, ethics, and how their teachings align with authentic practices. Practitioners gauge their consistency, transparency, and how they engage with our community.

It’s about spotting red flags—signs of potential exploitation, misinformation, or a focus on drama rather than genuine knowledge or experience sharing. Recognising the difference between those truly dedicated to the craft and those who simply here to thrive on and perpetuate drama or bullying is key.

Ultimately, those serious about their craft use discernment to align themselves with creators whose values and intentions match their own journey. It’s about engaging with sources that not only offer information but also uphold ethical standards, fostering a more enriching and trustworthy digital witchcraft community.

Remember, your connections in this online witchcraft realm shape not just your journey but also how others perceive you. Associating with drama or negativity might lead to being seen in a similar light. Instead, choosing creators dedicated to authenticity and genuine sharing over sensationalism creates a path of respect, growth, and a community thriving on wisdom and ethical standards.


Blessed Be

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