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MY 2 CENTS - Witch Wars "The Illusion of Conflict"

In the world of social media, particularly on platforms like TikTok, there's a prevalent trend of creators seemingly thriving on drama and conflict. They frequently post about being targeted by others, whispering rumours, or engaging in battles to assert their importance or power, or victimhood.

This behaviour stems from a misconception within the online witchcraft and spiritual community that conflict is essential for maintaining power and relevance. Some creators even fabricate or exaggerate conflicts to gain attention or validation. However, this narrative undermines the true essence of witchcraft, which is about inner peace, harmony, and connection with the world around us.

On TikTok, there's a prevailing belief that power comes from being in a perpetual state of conflict. Some practitioners feel they must continuously battle negativity or have enemies to validate their strength and worth. Yet, this mindset perpetuates a cycle of drama that detracts from the depth and beauty of witchcraft.

People who constantly engage in drama or accuse others of wrongdoing are often deflecting from their own actions. They may use conflict to avoid confronting their insecurities or mistakes, shifting focus away from their behaviour.

Accusing others can also serve to justify one's actions or avoid self-reflection. This cycle of conflict and drama can lead to stress, anxiety, and isolation, detracting from the true essence of witchcraft.

In reality, true power in witchcraft comes from within. It's about being at peace with oneself and the world, navigating life's challenges with grace and resilience, and finding balance and harmony in practice.

So, how can we find peace in the chaos of witch wars?

Setting boundaries is crucial. Knowing your limits and avoiding unnecessary conflicts or drama protects your energy and fosters personal growth. Saying no to conflicts doesn't signify weakness; it signifies wisdom.

When setting boundaries, communicate them clearly and assertively. Let others know what behaviour you will not tolerate, and enforce these boundaries if needed. This might involve distancing yourself from toxic individuals or removing them from your life.

Recognising when boundaries are tested or violated is essential. Pay attention to how situations make you feel and trust your instincts. If something feels off, speak up and assert your boundaries.

Constantly engaging in conflict or competition is detrimental to mental health and spiritual well-being and anyone who says it doesn't, is already suffering and should be seeking professional help. Recognising red flags of drama-seeking behaviour and setting boundaries is essential to avoid unnecessary conflicts and find peace and fulfilment.

Additionally, it's crucial to think for yourself and investigate claims. Look for proof rather than blindly believing. Don't just jump on the band wagon, don't blindly follow the crowd; be independent in your thoughts and actions. Investigate claims, seek proof, and avoid blindly following others. Being a critical thinker ensures you're not misled by false narratives or drama-driven agendas.

So what are my two cents on the current Witch War claims.....I will not be participating, not anymore. That ship sailed when I eliminated particular energies from my space. My life now consists of growing my business, raising my family, writing my books and thoroughly enjoying being out there and engaged in the witchcraft community again!

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  • Bella on

    Yup! Ive seen so many of the same people in the same drama repeating the same stuff. it gets tiring and the same people are lapping up the same bullcrap! Same people pushing the war narratvie. man get some variety in your diet and stop supporting these bullies!

  • Wende on

    This is beautifully said and the sad reality of living among bullies.

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