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The Witchtok Experience

In the world of Witchtok, where magic and entertainment mix, the issues with lying, bullying, harassment and unfairness don't seem to have an easy fix. I feel like I can speak on this subject having willingly participating in behind the scenes of the harrassment and bullying of others whilst being in the company of a particular few. I am not proud of anything I did whilst among these people and have done my best to seek and give apologies to those that deserve it, but I didnt like who I was so, I walked away.

I write this today, without naming names but I know full well that those that are whom Im referring to will see this and retaliate with either another youtube video or Tiktok video to try and further tarnish my name and character, but at the end of the day they would just be proving my point on what im about to say because if one thing is certain, its the fact that they do not beleive in taking accountability for any of their actions as I have tried to do for mine. 

in 2019, when I joined TikTok, it was supposed to be all about fun and entertainment, but what many don't realise is that the drama and negativity that is breeding on the app can and does have real world consequences for people and in the past almost 5 years, its all stemming from the same group of people, at least on my side of Witchtok anyways.

Until we all understand and acknowledge this, the problems won't go away, the creators who are the ones constantly perpetuating it, wont stop and will just have another target to blame or punish. But what's most sad, is seeing how easily people, complete strangers to the situation,  join in and support bullying, thinking they are supporting their favourite creators at the time. But by just liking or sharing a post where one creator is attacking another, you are participating in the degradation and bullying of another human being. You have participated in a dog pile.

This cycle keeps going because folks crave drama and validation, ignoring the real harm it causes, simply because they have lost the ability to have empathy for the person on the other side of the screen. What's worse, many people that participate in this dog piling and drama, do so without fully knowing both sides or even knowing the victim of the call out at all. They jump in without understanding the full story, adding to the hurt and negativity.

It's crucial for us to recognise how our online actions affect others in real life before its too late. If we don't, the toxic behaviour on Witchtok will just keep growing and it will no longer be a safe space for witches to share their path.

It's for this reason I am so glad I walked away from the circle of so called friends. I can promise you that if you do so too, the real world of witchcraft is much more accepting and proof real community does exist. Since leaving, my business is booming and Im out in my community again, meeting new people, sharing my craft, sharing my knowledge and enjoying every second of it!

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  • Jacqui on

    Hey I am in no way a part of anything I do not even know half of what’s happening grenades are flying left right and centre but as a fellow Aussie I wanted to check on you & make sure you were ok whether you did right or wrong it is not for me to judge I still needed to check on you sending love xx

  • Emma on

    Loving this post and so agree with you! Tiktok can be an echo chamber of egos and immturity. Well done for owning your mistakes and moving onwards and upwards.

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