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Vulnerability Within The Craft

On a recent episode of Caffeinated Cauldrons, we took a look at the role social media has played in the expectation of what being a witch truly means. But first, we took a look at what the community was like pre-social media.

Within witchcraft, I believe that vulnerability is the gateway to profound growth and understanding. While ego thrives in the realm of invincibility and superiority but I believe that it is through embracing our vulnerabilities, our practice truly flourishes.

In this post, I want to embark on a journey that explores the transformative power of vulnerability, while also delving into why most long-term practitioners have managed to navigate the pitfalls of ego-driven self-promotion on social media platforms.

The Era of Pre-Social Media

Before the advent of social media, the witchcraft community thrived through more intimate and personal connections. Information was exchanged through physical gatherings, books, and word-of-mouth, fostering a deeper sense of community and shared experiences. In this era, the emphasis was on genuine connections rather than the pursuit of fame or validation.

Wisdom of the Elders

Long-term practitioners, who honed their craft before the rise of social media, often possess a profound understanding of the importance of humility. They have witnessed the evolution of the craft and the pitfalls of ego-driven behaviours. Through their experiences, they have cultivated wisdom and have chosen to uphold the integrity of the craft, remaining focused on genuine connection and personal growth rather than the pursuit of external validation.

The Temptation of Ego in the Social Media Age

The rise of social media platforms has created a new landscape for practitioners to share their knowledge and experiences. While these platforms offer a vast reach and the potential for building communities, they also present the temptation to succumb to ego-driven self-promotion. It is within this context that the resilience of long-term practitioners becomes apparent, as they have maintained their focus on humility, authenticity, and genuine connection.

Honouring the Craft

Long-term practitioners understand that witchcraft is not a commodity to be bought or sold for personal gain. It is a sacred practice deeply rooted in tradition, reverence, and respect for the energies that permeate our world. By remaining true to these principles, they set an example for the community, reminding others that the essence of witchcraft lies in nurturing genuine connections and honoring the craft itself.

Balancing Authenticity and Self-Promotion

While social media can be a powerful tool for sharing knowledge and connecting with like-minded individuals, it is essential to strike a balance between authenticity and self-promotion. Long-term practitioners have mastered this delicate dance, using these platforms as tools for education, inspiration, and community-building while staying grounded in their commitment to humility and integrity.

While in these spaces, it is not uncommon to encounter younger practitioners who are drawn to self-promotion based on their perceived power and dominance. This phenomenon presents a unique challenge for the witchcraft community, as it can lead to a distorted representation of the craft and overshadow the importance of humility and genuine connection.

The allure of popularity and validation can be enticing, particularly in a digital landscape where metrics and followers are seen as measures of success. However, the true essence of witchcraft lies not in dominance or power but in humility, respect, and the recognition of our limitations as practitioners.


I believe it is crucial for younger practitioners to understand that true power does not stem from dominance or the perception of immense abilities. Instead, it arises from a deep understanding of oneself, the energies that surround us, and the interconnectedness of all beings. By embracing humility, they can tap into the profound wisdom and authentic power that comes from cultivating a genuine connection with the craft.

As a community, we can collectively challenge the notion that power and dominance are the sole markers of expertise. Instead, let us celebrate the diverse experiences, perspectives, and knowledge that practitioners of all ages bring to the table.

By encouraging a culture of inclusivity, mutual respect, and the sharing of wisdom, we can create a more balanced and harmonious environment within the witchcraft community.

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