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We Need To Talk About 2019 Witchtok vs 2023 Witchtok

The Dawn of Witchtok For Me in 2019

Ah, the humble beginnings of Witchtok, where the threads of magic wove a vibrant tapestry of community and wisdom. Back in 2019, when I first joined Tiktok, Witchtok was emerging, it was a revelation—a haven for us, the devotees of witchcraft, magic, and spiritual exploration who had long been hidden behind closed doors. Those early days were a time of boundless enthusiasm, where knowledge flowed freely, experiences were shared with fervor, and the digital space felt like a sacred gathering.

Witchtok, at its genesis, embodied the charm of a modern grimoire. It wasn't just a platform; it was a realm where ancient and worldwide wisdom collided gracefully with contemporary insights, bridging the gaps between generations. The allure was palpable—a promise of democratised esoteric knowledge, where novices and seasoned witches engaged in conversations that spanned paths and resonated with seekers worldwide.

What made Witchtok magnetic was its authenticity. Our community, driven by an unbridled passion for the craft, shared everything from tarot musings to herbal remedies, crystal lore, and interpretations of age-old rituals. Each shared insight or personal experience felt like another page in the ever-expanding book of our collective knowledge.

In those golden days, Witchtok was more than an online hub; it was a sanctuary. It embraced practitioners, offering solace to those who felt isolated or misunderstood in their physical circles. It was a space where acceptance transcended barriers of culture or creed, fostering a sense of belonging that warmed the heart and nourished the soul.

For newcomers that flooded the shore of Witchtok in 2020 when covid hit, Witchtok was a treasure trove—a place where the promise of learning and growth beckoned with an irresistible charm. Novices, eager to delve into the mystical realms, found open arms ready to guide, nurture curiosity, and answer questions in a supportive, welcoming environment.

In its inception, Witchtok gleamed with the potential to redefine our craft's digital landscape—a beacon of hope for those seeking connection, knowledge, and purpose on their spiritual odyssey.

Yet, as time flowed and Witchtok's popularity soared to unimaginable heights and society went back to a new normal, a shift occurred—a bittersweet transformation. The platform we cherished began to drift from its roots of authenticity and mutual respect, steering away from the genuine sharing of wisdom that had once defined it.

Recognising the Shift: Navigating the Toxic Undercurrents

As someone who's been part of Witchtok since its infancy, witnessing the gradual metamorphosis of our beloved community has been both disheartening and concerning. What once felt like a sanctuary for knowledge and camaraderie now grapples with a disconcerting trend—a shift toward toxicity that casts a shadow over the authenticity of our craft.

The emergence of toxicity within Witchtok is like watching a cherished garden overrun by invasive strangling weeds. The once-nurturing environment, brimming with genuine sharing and mutual support, has been tainted by the rise of popularity contests and a hunger for validation. What was once a celebration of diverse beliefs and practices now seems embroiled in conflicts, screenshot wars, and a relentless pursuit of attention.

This toxic undercurrent breeds an atmosphere of distrust and division, tearing at the very fabric that once united us as a community. Instead of fostering growth and learning, it sets the stage for unnecessary drama, where the authenticity of shared knowledge gets drowned in a sea of sensationalism and personal vendettas.

The insidious allure of popularity contests has eclipsed the essence of what Witchtok stood for—a platform where wisdom and experiences were exchanged without the need for validation or fame. Suddenly, it feels like a race for likes, follows, and the constant clamor to outshine others, overshadowing the genuine seekers who yearn for guidance and camaraderie.

This shift has deeply impacted the authenticity of the witchcraft community on Witchtok. Novice witches, drawn in by the promise of learning and mentorship, are now confronted with a distorted landscape. They're presented with an image of witchcraft that is more about drama and popularity than the genuine pursuit of wisdom and connection with the craft's roots.

The erosion of authenticity within our community is disheartening, to say the least. It's a departure from the very principles that brought many of us together—a departure that risks overshadowing the richness and depth of our craft with superficial contests and unhealthy dynamics.

Navigating this terrain becomes increasingly challenging, especially for those seeking the true essence of witchcraft. The need to decipher between the sensational and the genuine becomes a daunting task in a space that was once a beacon of authenticity and learning.

Navigating the Minefield: Unveiling Toxicity in Witchtok

Having journeyed through the evolution of Witchtok, the toxicity that has gradually seeped into our community feels like navigating a treacherous minefield. Ill be completely honest with you, at one point, I contributed to and participated in that toxicity. Because of the long term wars, this once a supportive environment has been marred by a surge in toxic behaviours, leaving many of us reeling from its repercussions.

One prominent toxicity that has permeated Witchtok is the rise of screenshot wars and public callouts over personal disagreements. What started as disagreements between practitioners has devolved into a battleground of screenshots shared out of context, twisted narratives, and public shaming with parties simply vying for the public support. It's disheartening to witness genuine discussions or the breakdown of friendships morph into manipulative tactics just to gain the upper hand or assert dominance.

This culture of public shaming has been amplified by the emergence of drama-centric content. What was once a space for sharing rituals, spells, and knowledge has now become a stage for manufactured conflicts, scripted confrontations, and sensationalised content aimed at garnering attention. Authentic teachings and meaningful discussions are often drowned out by the cacophony of unnecessary drama.

Cancel culture has become a potent weapon wielded by certain individuals with narcissistic tendencies. The fear of being cancelled or publicly ostracised looms over the community, stifling authentic conversations and forcing conformity to a narrow narrative. This tactic, often employed by narcissists, creates an environment of fear and silences diverse viewpoints, hindering the growth and exchange of genuine wisdom.

The use of cancel culture as a tool for control and manipulation within Witchtok is alarming. It undermines the very essence of our community, where diversity of thought and respectful discourse should be cherished. Instead, it fosters an environment where individuals with differing opinions or perspectives are intimidated into silence, hindering the organic evolution of our collective knowledge.

The toxic behaviours prevalent in Witchtok not only tarnish the reputation of the platform but also pose a grave threat to the authenticity of our craft. Novice practitioners, seeking guidance and understanding, are often exposed to these unhealthy dynamics, leading to misconceptions about the true essence of witchcraft.

Navigating through this landscape of toxicity becomes a daunting task, especially for those who value authenticity and genuine connection within the craft. It requires a keen discernment to sift through the noise and identify the voices that truly uphold the values of mutual respect, knowledge sharing, and authentic practice.

The Fallout: Toxicity's Toll on Novice Witches

As someone who cherishes the welcoming spirit that once defined Witchtok, witnessing and again, yes, being a part of the repercussions of toxicity on novice witches has been truly disheartening. For those new to the craft, entering this turbulent landscape can be like stepping into a maze with obscured paths, obscured by drama and negativity.

The consequences of this toxic environment weigh heavily on those eager to explore the realms of witchcraft. Novice witches, drawn by the promise of guidance and community, are often greeted not with open arms but with a whirlwind of toxicity that clouds their introduction to the craft. Almost like a game of dodgeball where the popular kids captain the groups and you just dont want to be picked last.

One glaring impact is the distortion of reality. Novice witches, seeking genuine insights and guidance, are instead exposed to a skewed version of the craft—one characterised by conflicts, public feuds, and a relentless pursuit of popularity. This distorted portrayal creates unrealistic expectations, leading to disillusionment and confusion about what it truly means to practice witchcraft authentically.

Moreover, the toxicity prevalent in Witchtok hinders the learning process for newcomers. Instead of fostering a nurturing environment for exploration and education, the toxic dynamics promote fear, distrust, and an atmosphere of constant vigilance. Novice witches may feel intimidated to ask questions or share their experiences, fearing judgment or ridicule from those who seek to exploit the platform for personal gain.

The impact isn't just limited to disillusionment or fear—it extends to the stunting of growth. Novice witches may struggle to discern between credible sources and misleading information in an environment where drama overshadows genuine teachings. This impedes their ability to cultivate a solid foundation in their practice, hindering their growth and potentially deterring them from continuing their exploration of the craft.

For many new to witchcraft, Witchtok serves as their primary gateway to understanding and engaging with the community. The toxic environment they encounter risks shaping their perception of the craft in a negative light, potentially driving them away from a path that could offer immense fulfillment and connection.

As someone who values the richness and authenticity of the craft, witnessing the negative impact on these budding practitioners is disheartening. It underscores the urgent need to reclaim the spirit of inclusivity, knowledge sharing, and authenticity that once defined our community.

Navigating the Sea of Knowledge: Vetting Credible Sources

In the tumultuous environment that is Witchtok, discerning credible sources and trustworthy guidance becomes a vital skill for novices seeking authentic knowledge in the craft. While the platform is rife with diverse content, not all that glitters is genuine wisdom. Here are some strategies to help navigate the sea of information and identify credible sources:

1. Cross-Referencing Information:

Delve deeper by cross-referencing teachings or information. Seek consistency and coherence among various sources. Established principles and practices within witchcraft tend to resonate across different credible resources.

2. Researching Practitioners:

Before placing trust in a practitioner or content creator, conduct thorough research. Look for indicators of expertise, such as their experience, credentials, or participation in reputable witchcraft communities beyond TikTok.

3. Critical Evaluation:

Exercise critical thinking when consuming content. Be wary of sensationalised claims or content that appears more focused on drama than on genuine teachings. Trust your intuition—if something feels off or overly dramatic, it might be worth investigating further.

4. Community Recommendations:

Engage with smaller, focused communities within or outside Witchtok. Seek recommendations from fellow practitioners who uphold authenticity and are committed to sharing genuine knowledge. These communities often prioritise meaningful discussions over popularity contests.

5. Seeking Established Practitioners:

Look for practitioners who exhibit consistency in their teachings, emphasise personal growth, and prioritise the craft over personal fame or drama. Established practitioners often showcase a dedication to nurturing a supportive learning environment.

6. Discernment and Patience:

Cultivate discernment and exercise patience in your quest for authentic guidance. Authentic wisdom often reveals itself gradually through continuous learning and introspection.

In a space where authenticity sometimes gets overshadowed by sensationalism, vetting sources becomes paramount for novices. Remember, the journey of learning within the craft is ongoing, and embracing a discerning approach helps in sifting through the noise to uncover genuine insights and guidance.

Cultivating Nurturing Spaces: Finding Supportive Communities

On Witchtok, smaller, focused communities are becoming a beacon of hope for those seeking genuine learning and authentic connections within the craft. These smaller pockets, away from the noise of popularity contests and drama, prioritise the essence of mutual support and knowledge sharing.

1. Embracing Intimate Communities:

Seek out intimate groups or forums beyond the bustling realm of TikTok. These smaller communities often foster a sense of camaraderie, where practitioners genuinely uplift each other and engage in meaningful discussions.

2. Specialised Platforms or Forums:

Explore specialised platforms or forums dedicated to witchcraft, such as dedicated Discord servers, forums, or even niche social media platforms. These spaces are curated to provide a supportive environment for practitioners to exchange ideas without the distractions prevalent in larger platforms.

3. Establishing Connections:

Engage actively within these smaller communities—contribute, ask questions, and share experiences. Building connections with like-minded individuals who prioritise authentic learning creates a nurturing environment conducive to personal and spiritual growth.

4. Seeking Mentorship or Guidance:

Smaller communities often offer opportunities for mentorship or guidance from seasoned practitioners. Establishing a mentor-mentee relationship within these spaces can provide invaluable insights and personalised guidance on your journey.

5. Shared Values and Respectful Discourse:

Look for communities that align with your values and uphold respectful discourse. Spaces that prioritise inclusivity, mutual respect, and a focus on knowledge-sharing rather than sensationalism create an environment where practitioners feel safe to explore and learn.

6. Quality Over Quantity:

Remember, the size of the community isn't always indicative of its value. Smaller, focused groups often foster deeper connections and more meaningful interactions, facilitating genuine learning and support.

In these supportive communities, practitioners find solace—a sanctuary where authenticity thrives, genuine learning flourishes, and individuals uplift each other on their unique paths within the craft. These spaces serve as a reminder that, amidst the chaos, there are havens where the true essence of witchcraft is cherished and nurtured.

Developing Your Inner Guidance and Embracing Your Path

As you step into the vibrant world of Witchtok, it's crucial to nurture your inner compass and uphold your authenticity amidst the whirlwind of content and interactions.

Listening to Your Gut

Remember, your intuition is your superpower. When browsing through content, pay attention to how it feels. Does it resonate with your inner truth and values? Trust your instincts—if something feels off or overly dramatic, it might be worth exploring further or seeking a different perspective.

Exploring Beyond Witchtok

Witchtok is just one stop on your journey. Don't hesitate to venture beyond the platform. Explore books, workshops, and other practitioners outside TikTok. These diverse resources offer deeper insights and varied perspectives that can enrich your understanding of the craft.

Practice Critical Thinking

Always keep your thinking cap on! Ask questions and cross-reference information. Look for consistency and depth in what you learn. Don't get swayed by flashy trends or dramatic narratives—focus on the substance and authenticity of the teachings.

Embracing Your Unique Path

Your journey in witchcraft is uniquely yours. Don't feel pressured to conform or follow trends for the sake of popularity. Instead, honour your individuality and authenticity. Your practice should reflect your values, beliefs, and personal connection with the craft.

Navigating with Honor and Integrity

As you learn and grow, uphold a sense of honour and integrity. Respect the traditions and ethics of the craft. Your authenticity isn't just about what spells you cast—it's about how you approach the craft with reverence, wisdom, and responsibility.

Building Your Wisdom

Your journey is about more than just knowledge—it's about wisdom. Cultivate a deeper understanding by being open to learning, exploring, and connecting with fellow practitioners who prioritise authenticity and growth.

Your Path, Your Magic

Remember, this journey is yours to navigate. Embrace the beauty of your individual path and let authenticity be your guiding light. Your practice isn't about fitting into a mold; it's about honoring your truth and finding your unique magic within the rich tapestry of witchcraft.

By nurturing your inner guidance and staying true to yourself, you'll find a fulfilling and genuine journey within the world of witchcraft, where your authenticity shines bright and guides you towards a deeper connection with the craft's essence.

Your Journey, Your Contribution

As you embark on your journey into the realms of witchcraft, remember that you're not just a student—you're a vital part of the community. Here's a call to action I put to all of you.

Approach Learning with Discernment

Embrace a discerning mindset on your learning journey. Question, explore, and seek wisdom that resonates with your authentic self. Don't be afraid to challenge information or trends that don't align with your intuition and values.

Seek Authentic Connections

Forge connections with fellow practitioners based on authenticity and mutual respect. Engage in conversations, share experiences, and learn from each other's unique paths. Authentic connections enrich not only your practice but the entire community.

Contribute to a Healthier Community

You have the power to shape the community you're a part of. Foster an environment of support, knowledge-sharing, and respect. Encourage open discussions, uplift diverse voices, and prioritise genuine learning over drama and competition.

Share Your Journey

Your experiences matter. Don't hesitate to share your insights, struggles, and discoveries. Your voice adds depth and diversity to the community's tapestry. By sharing authentically, you inspire others on their own paths.

Embrace Growth and Evolution

Stay open to growth and change. Embrace new perspectives and remain curious. Remember, the craft is ever-evolving, and your willingness to learn contributes to its richness and depth.

Be the Change You Seek

You hold the key to fostering a healthier, more authentic witchcraft community. Your approach, your interactions, and your commitment to integrity and kindness create ripples that shape the community's future.

Together, we can nurture a community where authenticity, wisdom, and respect flourish once again. Your journey matters, your voice matters, and your commitment to an authentic practice matters. Step forward with confidence, contribute, and let your magic illuminate the path for others.

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  • Wende on

    I’m so thrilled you covered this, you have pointed out the issues as well as offer solutions for navigating. This indeed is what sets you apart and I’m so glad I found you.I to have been both instigator and victim of TT drama and I also believe in redemption for those like yourself willing to be part of a solution and to take accountability for their part. This is how I know you are the real deal

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