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Ritual Fully Dressed Spell Tapers - 2 Sizes Available
Ritual Fully Dressed Spell Tapers - 2 Sizes Available
Ritual Fully Dressed Spell Tapers - 2 Sizes Available
Ritual Fully Dressed Spell Tapers - 2 Sizes Available
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Ritual Fully Dressed Spell Tapers - 2 Sizes Available

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🕯️ Unlock the Magic of Fully Dressed Ritual Tapers 🕯️

🌟 Elevate Your Spellwork with Ease 🌟

Discover the perfect addition to your magical journey with our 25cm Soy Wax Tapers, fully dressed and ready for your rituals and spells. Whether you're a seasoned witch or just embarking on your path, these lush soy wax candles are your ideal companions.

ğŸŽ Gift It with Intention: If you're considering these candles as a thoughtful gift, why not go the extra mile? Enhance the magical experience by adding a matching ritual oil or an intention charm bag to your order. Simply add each item to your basket and complete your purchase. We'll ensure they are all shipped together, and if you opt for gift wrap, we'll beautifully package everything in one parcel.

🏃‍♂️ Quick Facts for Busy Witches:

ğŸŽ What's Included:

  • 1 pair of dressed soy wax tapers

📏 Dimensions:

  • Diameter: Approx. 20mm
  • Length: Approx. 20cm / 10cm

🔥 Burn Time:

  • Approx. 3-4 hours

🌿 Materials:

  • Pure Natural Soy Wax & Cotton Lead-free Wick
  • Magical Herbs & Flowers
  • Stone Chips (where applicable)

🙌 Handcrafted with Love: Every candle in this set is meticulously hand-crafted to order, ensuring they carry the energy and intention you require for your magical practice.

ğŸŽ Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap: Simplify gift-giving by opting for our gift wrap service. We use brown Kraft paper, natural twine, and brown Kraft tags to create a beautiful, rustic-looking presentation that reflects the magical essence of your gift.

🌍 Eco-Conscious Packaging: Each set is packaged in 100% environmentally friendly, recyclable materials, minimizing waste and ensuring our planet stays as magical as ever.

🪄 Elevate Your Magic Today: 🪄

Bring the power of these Fully Dressed Ritual Tapers into your magical practice. Order now and enrich your rituals with the enchantment of pure soy wax and intention. 🌌🌠🔮