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"The Witches" Collection - 100mL Room/Space Sprays
Amongst Sisters

"The Witches" Collection - 100mL Room/Space Sprays

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Introducing "The Witches" Collection of room sprays, designed to amplify your space during spell work and enhance your magical practice. Each spray is crafted with care and intention, using a blend of natural ingredients to bring your intentions to life.

🌟 Witches Blessings Room Spray - Infuse your space with positive energy and attract blessings into your life with this uplifting spray.

💰 Witches Wealth Room Spray - Create an atmosphere of abundance and prosperity with this rich and inviting spray.

💖 Witches Heart Room Spray - Fill your space with love and passion, perfect for enhancing romantic relationships or attracting new love.

🔥 Witches Purge Room Spray - Cleanse your space of negativity and purify the energy around you with this refreshing spray.

🛡️ Witches Shield Room Spray - Create a protective barrier around you and your space, shielding you from negative energies and influences.

Each room spray in "The Witches" Collection is crafted with natural ingredients and charged with intention, making them powerful tools for any witch or practitioner. Enhance your spell work and create a magical atmosphere with these enchanting room sprays.